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Pipe Flow Expert 3.1

It could be used for designing and analyzing the complex pipe networks
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If you are an engineer and responsible for creating models of pipe networks where flow and pressure of liquids are main concern then Pipe Flow Expert engineering software can work for you without and error. This software application could be used for designing and analyzing the complex pipe networks which may include tanks, pumps, pipes, fittings etc. where you required balancing the flow and pressure in a pipes network. Its interactive user interface is very easy to use and understand, but you can model up to 1000 pipes only. It is also packed with database of common fluid properties like viscosity, density etc. A pipes database is also here for their properties like material and sizes. A fittings database with most common valves and other data is also included. It work as an intelligent software as it is using the most advanced methods and equations like Darcy-Weisbach method, Colebrook- White equation etc. to calculate and solve the most complex pipes network problems. Even it can provide the satisfactory result where the fluid is compressible due to pressure drop. By using Pipe Flow Expert you can calculate Flow rates, Fluid velocities at different levels, Reynolds numbers, Friction factors, Pipe losses, Fitting losses, Component losses, Pump operating points, Pump head generated, NPSHa at pump inlet, Pipe pressure drop, Pressures at nodes, HGL values etc.

Manoj Goel
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  • Easy to use interactive interface
  • Provides database of common fluid, pipes and fittings
  • Uses advanced methods and equations for calculations


  • Not a freeware
  • Have limit of 1000 pipes to model
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